What is social media?

It’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat just to name a few. There are many social media websites out there. What is more important to your business is how you can leverage social media to drive customers into your doors. It is a question our staff gets asked daily. We manage and consult for a variety of clients that have enormous success integrating social media into their online advertising campaign. Our experts will consult with you and explain how this works. How can you capture traffic? How can you create your own “community”? How can you leverage the social media universe to benefit you?

+ Exposure and Buzz

Company information, videos, and stories are easily transferrable through a company’s social media campaign.

+ Branding

A social media campaign provides your company with a prominent platform to shape your brand. By communicating with your consumers on a more personal level, your company is simultaneously reinforcing its credibility in the industry and promoting word-of-mouth brand ambassadors. This is a simple, cost-effective way to enhance your company’s public image.

+ Subscribers and Repeat Traffic

While increased exposure for your website is essential, it is equally important to optimize your site and social media networks in order to retain this traffic. We accomplish this through easy-to-use subscription features, social-bookmarking links, and how-to content to keep one-time visitors coming back for more.

+ Reputation Management

Social media’s ability to transmit information rapidly can help mold your company’s reputation. By quickly responding to a disgruntled consumer, you can easily turn them from an unsatisfied customer into an enthusiastic evangelist for your brand. Ongoing communication with your clientele will help identify you as an expert in your industry while validating your company’s creditable reputation.

Higher organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings are another byproduct of increased social media activity. The enhanced visibility of your brand on the social networks will give webmasters and bloggers a greater selection of content to link with your website..

+ Visibility and Traffic

Employing a social media campaign will increase your company’s visibility across a variety of Internet platforms. Specifically, we use social networks to help your content “go viral.” This enhanced visibility will bring more traffic to your site, and hopefully, more clients!

+ Sales and New Business

While a social media campaign’s primary goal is building relationships, sales and new business are indirect goals and inevitable byproducts if run effectively. BrownRice Marketing understands that intelligent dialogue with your community of loyal consumers will have a positive effect on sales.