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BrownRice Marketing brands and advertises businesses across all traditional media, digital display, search engines, and social media.  Our marketing strategy to brand your company and deliver more leads consists of conducting marketing research, attention getting design for marketing collateral, advertising that differentiates your business from your competition, and selling tools & sales training to increase your closing ratio and raise prices/fees. We conduct marketing research to develop a message that differentiates your company from your competition. Your message is then shown in your marketing materials and advertising messages. We also provide sales training and selling tools to help our clients increase their closing ratio and average price/fee.


Business has changed drastically in the last ten years and so has marketing and advertising. The number of businesses has exploded and new customers to your business have little to differentiate except the advertising. If all they find are companies screaming about how they are the best, the greatest, the most incredible, they will default to the lowest price. It’s time for things to change!

“We’re the best. We have the lowest prices, the best selection, the highest quality…” These exaggerated expressions have become meaningless, lost in a sea of copycat advertising. Consumers need to hear what they actually need to know: what makes you different from the competition, why come to you instead of going somewhere else?


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BrownRice Marketing will build a marketing case for you, demonstrating through your marketing and advertising what is unique about your business and why it is the company to choose. We use concise, well-articulated, powerfully-stated content aimed at educating the prospective customer, not just trying to get their attention. BrownRice Marketing will show you how to implement this type of no-nonsense advertising, making an airtight case for you and marketing it to prospective customers.

Once people know how to find your business and the products & services you provide, it’s time for your sales team to seal the deal! Many companies gain most of their sales from 20% of their salespeople. While we can’t make your weakest salesperson sell like your best, we can greatly improve them. Weak salespeople can be better. Great salespeople can make you a ton of money! It’s not magic; it’s a system. By giving your team strong, hard-hitting material (brochures, videos, follow-up letters, phone scripts) to work with, you’ll find even your weakest links can work wonders for your business.

What about keeping the customers you already have? Most businesses put a tremendous amount of time into gaining new customers for one sale and don’t do what is necessary to sell more to them. Your best customers can often be those you already have. They already know how good you are. If you’ve treated them well, and kept in contact with them, they are more likely to buy more and tell their friends. Your own customers can be your most effective salespeople.

The marketing function of a business should offer tremendous leverage. These concepts and others can be applied to almost any kind of business successfully as long as you keep an open mind, think outside the box, and tell your customers what makes you unique. You’re Unique or You’re Nothing.


Think Outside The Box. 

Think outside the box