There are two ways for your website to be found within the major search engines:

  • Search Engine Marketing (also known as “PPC,” Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, and Paid Search)
  • Natural or Organic Placement as the result of search engine optimization (this is when your website appears under the pay-per-click ads.) There is no cost when someone clicks to go to your website when it ranks naturally/organically.

The way Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works is to use the best practices to make your website naturally attractive, and appear more relevant, to the search engines. If your site is attractive and relevant to the search engines, then your site will receive natural / organic placement. This is also what needs to be done to get your website on Google Maps or Google Places. Search engines like Google have also started to value company reviews on websites such as Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook in order to improve your natural or organic rankings for various keywords and phrases.


Here are some of the techniques we would employ in a typical SEO campaign”

  1. Create micro-sites and blogs
  2. Use of link exchange
  3. Use of social media, like Facebook and Twitter
  4. Meta-tags and Keyword
  5. Content creation and content management
  6. Title tags and CSS scripting

By utilizing best practices BrownRice Marketing will make your site attractive to the search engines, thus increasing the ranking. Our goal is to bring your site up to page one in less than 30 days! In other words, our goal is to put YOU where all the traffic is located.

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