Most business owners think they close 80% to 100% of the time. In actuality, the very best close about 50% of everyone to whom they pitch. We know this from working with hundreds of different salespeople and owners in 42 different industries.

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Our experience has been that the owner of the company has the highest closing ratio; however, he or she no longer wants to be the top sales person for the company. Nor does he or she want to be the sales manager or sales trainer, in addition to running the company.

What makes BrownRice Marketing different is that we not only generate more leads through advertising campaigns, but we also create selling tools and work with our clients’ salespeople to increase closing ratios. As closing ratios increase, salespeople become more confident and margins rise significantly.

Other advertising agencies run ad campaigns, but do not offer any sales training or support to help you and your salespeople attain the business of the prospects that respond to the advertising.

BrownRice Marketing works with and creates selling tools for everyone in your company who has customer contact including, but not limited to: the receptionist, administrative support, customer service representatives, and varying technicians, and, of course, the sales department

Types of selling tools include elevator pitches, risk-lowering offers, presentation folders and automated follow-up.

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