PosiGen Solar & Energy Efficiency

PosiGen Solar Solutions, formerly Green Grants, needed to become a household name in the solar industry quickly. Through consulting and implementation several strategies and techniques were used to achieve success quickly. From community outreach meetings and seminars, to infomercials, direct response TV ads and spot television, getting the PosiGen mission out to the public was achieved in record time.

"From the beginning we’ve worked with BrownRice Marketing to get our unique “Make Power Save Power” message to our target market. BrownRice has been instrumental in coming up with innovative ways to reach our future customers, from community outreach messages, public seminars, radio, infomercials and spot television. They’ve always negotiated very aggressively to get the most for our marketing and advertising dollars. We credit some of our meteoric growth to the work BrownRice has done on our behalf."
Thomas A Neyhart
PosiGen, LLC