Your Guide to Facebook Live


Thinking about going live on Facebook with your business? Facebook Live is a great tool for engaging with your audience on social media, and the best part is it's free and simple to use! Before you hit that broadcast button, check out a few of our insider tips on getting the most from your live stream.

1.     Decide on the topic of your live video

Facebook Live is the perfect forum for a Q&A with your followers, sharing the latest news, and giving your followers a behind the scenes look at your work.

2.     Let your followers know ahead of time

Create buzz and excitement by posting about your Facebook Live plans a few days ahead of time

3.     Plan out logistics

Before you go live, be sure to test your WiFi strength. Decide where the broadcast will take place and test your lighting.

4.     Equipment

Investing in an inexpensive tripod or camera phone stabilizer will make a huge difference in the quality of your live video. If you really want to take it to the next level, try using a mic or a widescreen camera phone clip-on filter.

5.     You're Live -- Now What?

Once you've started the live broadcast, greet those watching by name as they join. Ask questions and respond to comments to encourage discussion and interaction. The more engagement your live video has, the more people you'll be able to reach. If you slip up in your delivery, don't panic! Just take a breath and keep going, your authenticity will mean more to your audience than saying the wrong thing.

Now that you're ready to take on your first live stream, how will your business utilize Facebook Live?