Google Advertising Announces New Products


As a Google Certified Partner Agency, BrownRice Marketing is always at the forefront of the new innovative products made available by Google Advertising. Here are a few of the most impactful updates to come out of this year's Google Marketing Live event:

Introduction of “Bumper Machine”

Video ads are continuing to become a more popular option as they keep users engaged. “Bumper Machine” takes a 90-second video ad that you submit and turns it into 3-4 six second video ads.

Merging Custom Affinity and Custom Intent Audiences

You can currently create two kinds of custom audiences on Google Ads: Custom Intent and Custom Affinity Audiences. Custom intent requires you to provide keywords and competitor URLs to form an audience list. Custom Affinity Audiences allow you to create an audience list based on users interests and habits. Google is now combining the two into “Custom Audiences”. We will now be able to create an audience segment for Search and Display campaigns based on keywords, URLs, user interests and behaviors.

Display + Video 360

Starting in the Fall, we will be able to serve Display & Video ads on Smart TVs. These ads will be shown on National Networks, Local TV stations and Apps within Smart TVs (Spotify, YouTube TV, etc).

Google Shopping

Users can review and purchase items online from Google directly. Users can filter by features, brand, etc.

New Budget Planner

Google introduced a budget planner that takes campaign data and settings to forecast campaign performance. We will be able to determine the best budget allocation in order to get the most conversions.

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