What does this mean?

Google seems to be intentionally blurring the lines between paid ads and organic searches, which is driving up click-through rates (CTR). Google is continuing a trend that favors Pay-Per-Click advertising over Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here is a list of notable changes to Google’s platform that will affect your businesses ability to advertise

1.   Launched sponsored results on Google Maps

This feature allows for your business to be shown as one of the listed results below the search box and map, which will increase the click-through rate significantly.

2.   Increasing sponsored results from 2 to 3 on SERP

In a further attempt to push PPC ads, Google is adding another sponsored result to the top of the SERP. This not only increases the click-through rate but also pushes down organic results and makes getting on the first page even tougher.

3.   Moving sponsored results to right above organic results

When sponsored results were placed to the right of the organic results, it was easy to distinguish the difference between the two. This change blurs the line between paid ad and organic search.

4.   Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work best together

For a business to truly find success with digital marketing, they need to be able to generate visitors to their website along with converting prospects into customers. PPC has shown to work best for prospects ready to make a purchase while SEO is best for creating impressions.