Mobile “SEO” and why it’s important

When you “Google” your business, where does it come up?

Today an average of 400 websites are launched per minute; it is easy to get lost. One of the best ways to stand out is through search engine optimization. SEO helps your website get to the top of Google’s search results page. With people searching the internet from mobile devices, it is more important than ever to invest in an SEO campaign.

This article will show the importance of SEO and how to attain high search result placement on mobile devices

Keep in mind

  • Google’s mobile search algorithm rewards mobile-friendly compliant websites (higher search engine results page rankings) and penalizes websites that are not mobile-responsive.
  • Mobile device search has surpassed desktop search as of 3 years ago
  • Google estimates that over 65% of users start searching for information on a smartphone
  • That being said, a mobile-responsive website alone will not move you to the top of Google’s search result page.
  • Getting on the first page of Google’s search results does not happen the moment a website is launched. In fact, it takes a thorough SEO campaign and investing in an online presence for that to happen.

What can be done to attain higher search result placement

1. Do not use pop up ads

Closing pop up ads can be difficult on a mobile device. The result is a higher bounce rate

 2. Simple websites win

Google takes several factors into account for SEO rankings. A major factor is user experience. Internet connections on mobile devices are inconsistent (especially when not connected to Wi-Fi). A simple website, with few redirects, properly formatted images, and minimal code help deliver the best experience to your users and keeps them on your site longer.


If your website is ready to deliver new customers, clients or patients to your business, we can help take you to the next step and drive targeted online traffic to your mobile website and help you navigate through the best digital advertising options for your business and budget.