Get Leads on a Shoestring Budget!

4 Reasons why Pay-Per-Click can get you leads on a shoestring budget.

Are you working with a shoestring budget? Or worry that you are not getting your money’s worth from digital advertising? Pay per click is the perfect medium to generate leads on a small budget.

1.     Pay per click (PPC) generates the most leads for your budget

With PPC ads, you only pay when someone is interested in your product. This is the most straightforward way to generate leads and is perfect for a company working with a small digital marketing budget.

2.     PPC is the most flexible type of advertising for your budget

PPC ads allow you to put a cap on your daily budget and can be changed at any time. This allows companies/businesses to strategically place ads at a specific time and place to better generate leads.

3.     Easy to see Return on Investment (ROI)

PPC can be tracked instantaneously with concrete data showing number of click-throughs and phone calls generated.

4.     PPC is a great way to test new products or services

PPC advertising offers an easy way to expose prospects to your company’s newest offerings. For example, your business could create two PPC ads featuring two new offerings and gauge which product had a higher click through rate.

The time for professional Pay per click (PPC) Management is NOW!

Since Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm and layout, it is important to have PPC management and a strategic plan to get more conversions. Having professional PPC management will keep you ahead of the competition and your company will be able to see an increase in click-through rate (CTR) and leads.