Marketing Research

Marketing research is the first step in developing your marketing strategy. Marketing research tactics consist of demographics, geography, psychographics, customer surveys, and mystery shopping the competition, to name a few.

Once you have this information you can create a differentiation strategy to prove to your customers that your company is different and / or better than the competition.

You must be certain what is important to your customers as well as how you are different from your competition. 

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Marketing research enables your company to accomplish this. When we ask companies what makes them different from their competition we typically get the same answer. They say their customer service is second-to-none, their pricing is fair, they’re not trying to gauge their customers, they provide quality work, they use the latest technology, etc. These comments are most likely true, but they are also generalities. There is nothing specific. People remember specifics that can be proven and in many cases justified and quantified.

Initially, BrownRice Marketing leads strategic marketing meetings to completely understand your business and your operations. Following these meetings, BrownRice Marketing conducts customer surveys to ensure that your operations are customer-focused as well as to identify opportunities for innovation. Once the customer survey results are completed and tabulated, we mystery shop your competition. With mystery shopping our goal is to identify operations or innovations that your customers value but that your competition doesn’t offer. Once we find this, we have differentiation selling points. Your customers have told us what is important to them, and we then know your competition isn’t providing the product or service.

The differentiation selling points are then included in marketing collateral such as brochures and websites, selling tools such as new business development letters and presentation folders, and all advertising (i.e., TV commercials, radio commercials, magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mail, billboards, digital display ads, remarketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, etc.)

What is important to your customers?

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