In the competitive world of private education there are many disciplines needed to grow and stay ahead of competition: Fundraising, Recruiting: Students and Faculty, Communication with Alumni and ultimately Admission growth. De La Salle needed help with it all. From fundraising videos, Open House marketing, Print Ads, Online Marketing and Social Media. De La Salle is one of the very few high schools in the city that has experience exponential admissions growth and success over the last five years.

"De La Salle High School has been working with BrownRice Marketing on fundraising and admission initiatives for many years. It is extremely important for us to get the message of our school’s advancement and success out to our alumni and the public. Whether the message comes from postcards, billboards or a television commercial, BrownRice has been instrumental in the mission of our school. "
Michael Giambelluca
De La Salle High School