The internet has fragmented demographics making it more difficult to reach different consumer groups.

Television advertising, radio ads, Google, Facebook, digital display, and all other media overwhelm business owners and decision-makers searching for the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach potential customers. Twenty years ago, a local company could expect to see a direct correlation between running ads and new customers coming into their store or calling to make an appointment.  Today, it is more important than ever to understand as much as possible about various consumer demographics to correctly utilize the proper online and offline media.

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As consumers became more sophisticated and were offered more options such as satellite radio, satellite TV, more cable networks, and now digital TV networks–not to mention Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter–they became harder to reach with advertising. This has resulted in advertising agencies and marketing consultants, such as BrownRice Marketing, being forced to strategically redefine how to create a message that consumers will encounter and respond to.

BrownRice Marketing met and overcame this challenge by developing Differentiated Selling Points (DSP) based on advertising. These DSP-based ads typically deliver a response rate 36 – 52% better than most other advertising methods.

In addition to radio, television, magazine, newspaper, billboards, and the internet, grass roots advertising such as yard signs, banners, company trucks or vehicles, promotional items, and public relations, are all very effective products and services provided by BrownRice Marketing as well.

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